The Engineering Division of the group is operated under Hindusthan Engineering & Industries Limited (HEIL) which is one of its premium business arms. Established in the year 1947, HEIL has scripted an exemplary success saga in the past 67 years, emerging as a multi-product and multi-location company in India.

The company owns the largest ISO 9001-2008 steel foundry in the private sector in India. Having the privilege of being a pioneer of exports of Side Frames and Bolsters, Axle Boxes and couplers, the company also boasts of manufacturing world-class bogies, couplers, draft gears and other components for rolling stock developing export markets around the globe.

Having strategic alliances with global industry leaders and state-of-the-art in-house Research & Development wing, the company principally produces Rolling Stock, Railway Track Materials, Gas-based chemicals and Jute products. Presently, it is manufacturing and supplying Bogies, Couplers, Draft Gears, and CMS Crossings to Ministry of Railways, and is one of the largest producer of Bogies, Side Frames, Bolsters, Couplers, Draft Gears and other components for Rolling Stock.

The company holds the license of Standard Car Truck Company, U.S.A for Barber design freight Bogies. It is the first company in India to develop anode yokes for supply to Aluminium Smelters.

Brief Note in Respect of Products Profile of Track Division

CMS Crossing

HEI introduced CMS Crossing in India for the first time in 1984. Since then, it has been supplying CMS Crossings for Indian Railways maintaining high standard of quality. The company installed state-of-the-art plant and machinery and infrastructure for manufacture of EDH weldable CMS crossings.

The company has facility to produce up to 1 in 24 CMS Crossing for any rail section.

Switch Expansion Joints

HEI is the first company in India to produce all 4 designs of Improved Switch Expansion Joints.

Canted Turnouts

HEI has developed Canted Turnouts for the first time in India for exports. HEI’s Turnouts consist of EDH Weldable CMS Crossings with 350 HT Thick Web Switches with SKL-12 fittings & EVA Pads.

Truck Frame Assembly

HEI produces Truck Frame Assembly for Diesel and Electric Locomotive Works. It has been maintaining high quality standard for this highly sensitive safety item.

Future Diversification Plan

HEI is developing Switch Nose Crossings for High Speed Rail Transportation.